Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Some Days

Some days I look in the mirror and I'm disgusted, some days I'm content, some days I'm proud, some days I'm unsatisfied and some days, I don't look in the mirror at all. 

 I think most people go through this. Some days we feel positive about our bodies and other days, not so much. It may be due to something completely unrelated that changes ,y attitude and skews my perception of my self. I was having one of those negative days and thought to myself, the body is an amazing gift. What gives me the right to be so critical of it? 

I have eyes that can see colors, shapes, rainbows and stars. I have ears that can hear tones, pitches, melodies and voices. I can taste sweet, savory and salty. I can speak and sing poorly. I can walk and move and exist. All these things are part of the miraculous gift of life. I can never earn or deserve these gifts. And I can use these gifts to affect others. I can write a card to cheer someone up. I can tell them a joke to make them laugh. 

Think how small of a speck we really are in this grand universe of universes. Think how great this life really is. Sometimes, I need a perspective check. I'm not saying it stops the bad days or the negative self image, but reminding myself of how blessed I Truly am helps me to adjust, take off my pity party hat and and develop my attitude of gratitude. Cheer up, chin up and maybe eat a pickle, I dunno. 

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