Thursday, November 10, 2016

Will Run for Bacon!

Another day, another 5k!

I admire those of you who run half marathons and full marathons because sometimes 3.1 miles feels like 3000! I have my good days and bad days. Some days I run faster, some days I run slower, some days I run farther, and I never really know why!

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Running, though, has been part of my life for many years now, even after many injuries. My most recent injury was a broken pinky toe, so I did take about a week off from running to try to rest it a bit. After I came back, my pace was significantly slower and I've been quite frustrated. I have to remember, though, why I run. I run because I love the feeling after a run. I love feeling like I accomplished something, that I pushed myself, the adrenaline and the endorphins. I love being outside! (Treadmill = dreadmill!)

So, I was a bit apprehensive for this 5k, however, the reason I run is not to win a tiny trophy. Plus, there was free pancakes and bacon at the finish line.

The course was pretty nice - it went through Charlotte, NC starting at Sycamore Brewery. The course had some hills but nothing super extreme. It went on roads and sidewalks. My one complaint is that it was rather crowded at times because there was close to 900 participants and they allowed dogs and strollers! They also used gun time rather than chip time so I subtract a few seconds from my result, lol!

I did have a good time, as always and my pace was better than it has been. It was definitely nowhere near my best, but, hey, you can't PR every time. I'm hoping to PR next year at the China Grove 5k but no pressure!

I actually finished 2nd place in my age group so I was happy about that and I was happy for the bacon!

What's your reason to run? Do you put pressure on yourself?

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