Thursday, October 31, 2019

Product Review: Purple, Yummy, and Easy on the Tummy!

I've got a riddle for you. 

What's purple, yummy, and easy on the tummy? 

I'll tell you. 

It's Beviva Foods snacks! Beviva Foods produces Sweet Potato Chips, Cereal Cups, and Granola Pouches.

But these aren't your average, every-day snacks. These snacks were created with a purpose. The founder, Sylvia, was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2011. She dealt with the debilitating symptoms while working and caring for her three children. 

She was inspired to create Beviva Snacks so that others who are dealing with digestive issues and sensitivities can have mini-meals and snacks that they can take when they are on the go, or in a rush, or anytime. Having tummy friendly snacks on hand are a must for those dealing with IBD and similar issues. I love that Sylvia has created these innovative products to help the many people trying to juggle life while dealing with their condition. 

Purple sweet potatoes stand as the foundation of their snacks. It is nutritious, easily digestible, delicious, not to mention, pretty! 

Their product line up includes:
  • Purpo All-in-One Cereal Cup : It has a crunchy sweet potato granola with dried papaya, sultanas, and cranberries and oat mylk. Just add water! The oats are certified gluten free so no worries there! 
I personally love a quick, light breakfast and especially one that I know will digest easily so I loved this little cup! It's satisfying and yummy! I actually tried it warmed up and loved it! It's not overly sweet but I enjoyed it. Top it off with some nut butter and you have a great mini-meal for busy days! 
  • Purpo Granola Pouches: Purple sweet potato granola with probiotics, 6g fiber and real coconut and fruits added in. 
I found this to be a great yogurt mix-in! I have been loving granola lately in yogurt or ice cream or even on it's own. This is a nice travel packet form for taking on trips or to work! 
  • Sweet Potato Chips: These chips are simply sweet potatoes and oil, vacuum fried in low temperatures to preserve the nutrition. No salt added. 
Purpo Granola as a Smoothie Topping
These are great when you're in need of a crunchy snack! Personally, I would add some salt to give it that extra oomph! But you could eat them as-is, sprinkle salt or cinnamon or even use them in a recipe! The possibilities are endless! 

I loved trying these IBD friendly snacks and though I don't personally have a diagnosed digestive disease, I have dealt with some undiagnosed symptoms. On days when my tummy just doesn't feel right, it's good to have a "safe" snack option that I can eat in confidence! 

Do you deal with any digestive issues? Did you know 70 million people suffer from digestive disorders? 

If you have digestive issues (or even if you don't!) I would say check out Beviva Foods! You can check them out here: or find them on Amazon!

I received this product free but all opinions are my own. If you are suffering with a digestive disorder, make sure to always check labels for yourself as each person is different with their dietary needs.