Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Clean.Fit Box Review

Clean. Fit.

Pretty simple. Clean.Fit Box is a monthly subscription box full of products for people who want to live a clean and fit lifestyle! Sign me up!

They included a note in my box stating that they started out of a passion for healthy: eating well, staying fit, and practicing self-love. I love that! The products in the clean.fit box never include artifical preservatives, flavors or colors, trans fat or partially hydrogenated oils, fake sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.

I love what the clean.fit box is promoting here because so many "healthy" or "fitness" products do not keep these high standards. Some snack that may be promoted as a diet/health food may very well be loaded with artifical sweetners, flavors and who knows what else!

Clean.Fit Box provides products that promote sustainable fitness, health and overall wellness!

Let's see what was in the March Box:

  • Evo Hemp Bar: a snack bar made of fruits, nuts, seeds and tumeric, I can't wait to try this one!
  • Buff Bake: Rocky Road peanut spread with hormone free whey, I love Buff Bake spreads but I haven't had the chance to try this flavor yet.
  • Leap Smoothies: organic fruits and veggies for smooth-ease
  • Salad Power: a drinkable salad? I admit, I'm a little bit skeptical of this one!
  • Natural Citizen Organic Vegan Protein: non-flavored makes it easy to add to anything, I've tried bad vegan protein so I'm curious to try this. 
  • The New Primal: Free range cilantro lime turkey stick, this sounds like a slim jim's healthy cousin and I'm stoked about it. 
  • MRM: 100% natural pre workout!
  • Motion Matcha: green trea powder with a great tropical taste, excited to try this as well!
Overall, I think there are some great products in here and I think the clean.fit box is a neat way to discover brands that align with these standards. I also think it's neat that they included a vegan supplement to try!

I will update as I try the products inside!

Do you have any subscription boxes? What kind? 

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