Monday, May 8, 2017

Eating my Way through Italy!

Normally, I try to eat a lot of whole foods, vegetables, fruits, etc. I honestly can't remember the last time I had pizza or spaghetti and I rarely eat non-"diet" ice cream (but seriously, Enlightened and Halo Top is so good anyway...).

However, when in Rome...

Hazelnut Gelato in Florence

Did I go completely crazy and eat everything in sight? Just a little at the end! XD

In all seriousness, I did try to be somewhat conscious of getting in some nutrients, and water. Thankfully, my travel companion was alright with hitting up the local markets to have meals that we weren't eating out. I got yogurt and fruit for some breakfasts and snacks, along with popcorn and chocolate because, well, I love chocolate.
Shrimp and melon salad in Rome

Sometimes, when we went out, I got salad, or fish and vegetables, etc. Then, in Naples, I had to get pizza! They invented it! I finished my entire pizza myself, but if you looked around the pizzeria, everyone, young and old was finishing their own pizza. Also, I could tell the ingredients were so fresh and I didn't feel greasy and disgusting after eating it. Full, yes, but not greasy and gross.

Cookies and Caramel Gelato in Cinque Terre
I did eat gelato almost every day but I'm a huge gelato lover. Portion control is pretty easy when you're paying a pretty penny. I also indulged in a traditional Sicilian cannoli when we went to Taormina, Sicily. It was hands down the best cannoli I've ever had.

Coffee and I forgot the second flavor! Florence, again. 
It was a very fast paced trip as we started in Florence, then moved on to Cinque Terre, where we hiked along the coast from town to town (only partially because part of the Blue Trail is closed due to rock slides and erosion so you can't hike to each town). From Cinque Terre we went on to Taormina, Sicily which is hilly but beautiful! Then we took a long train ride to Rome where we saw the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, among other things! It's truly an amazing city full of history and architecture and culture and good food! We took a little day trip from Rome to go to Naples. Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of Naples outside the pizza lol! I truly love traveling and trying the different foods! There's no need to feel guilty for "going off track" or indulging in less nutritious foods than normal while on vacation. It's short term and I would really regret letting guilt over gelato ruin my precious travel memories. So the lesson is, eat, experience and enjoy. Be balanced.

I'm not super thrilled to be home, but I do enjoy routine. I had this Monday off work so I went to the gym as usual and am getting prepared for the rest of the week!

What's your favorite part of vacation? How much pizza would you eat in Italy? LOL!

Cannoli in Sicily

Magherita pizza in Naples


  1. Italy is on my bucket list because I still have family there. And I lovvveeee chocolate, so I'm happy to hear they have options!

    1. It's a great place to visit! There's so much to see and eat lol!

  2. Wow your foods you've tried look amazing.. I am starving over here! That cookies and cream gelato mmmm... I could just imagine how delicious it is, being in Italy it would be so authentic! Not like you'd get here in Canada!

    1. Lol! Most of the gelato was amazing but actually one time it disappointed 😔 I think it was just a tourist trap lol!