Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fit Frozen Faceoff!

Have the countless posts on social media of this healthy ice cream and that healthy ice cream left you scratching your head wondering which (if any of them) are worth the hefty price tag? Maybe with summer temperatures on the way, you want to know which frozen treat is best! I'm here to help! Here are some pros and cons of several "healthy" frozen dessert options!

Enlightened Ice Cream is probably one of the more scarce options. Thankfully, a grocery store near me recently started stocking the pints! You can also order online at and submit product request forms to your local stores. I really like this brand - they have a lot of great flavor options and when they say they have swirls they're not kidding. I have been told that the company has made arrangements with retailers that if the product has been damaged (ever open up a half filled pint?), you can return it to the point of purchase!

 Arctic Zero - ah, some love it, some love to hate it. I've even heard it referred to as frozen toilet water. It definitely has a much more subtle flavor and is not super sweet. I, however, do enjoy Arctic Zero. I don't think of it as ice cream, though. The brand refers to it as a fit frozen dessert, so they don't claim to be ice cream. I enjoy Arctic Zero for a cold, sweet snack and I think they've improved in both taste and texture over the years. Many people enjoy the chunky pints (300 calories) more. These are a great option if you are lactose intolerant!

Halo Top - my first protein ice cream love. It typically has a good ice cream texture and very rich flavors. I personally like their vanilla flavor better than the Enlightened Vanilla. I have experienced a pint or two with a bit of iciness but you win some, you lose some. Overall, I love Halo Top and would choose this or Enlightened if I wanted ice cream. Another bonus is that they are now sold at Walmart!

Edy's Slow Churned has long been hailed as the "macro friendly" dessert option in the fitness community. It's very inexpensive in comparison to Halo Top, Arctic Zero and Enlightened - typically costing loss for a carton than for a pint of the others. If you're looking for protein, this has a bit less than Halo and Enlightened. Another downside is the ingredients list. It's higher in sugar and if you opt sugar-free, it utilizes sucralose which has been said to alter gut flora. Honestly, though, sucralose is in so many things, I'd say this a great budget friendly, "macro-friendly" option for once in a while. 

Breyer's No Sugar Added is another cheaper option. It has the ice cream texture you'd expect from Breyer's Ice Cream. The No Sugar Added Vanilla clocks in at only 90 calories per serving. However, this brand utilizes aspartame as their zero calorie sweetener so I would use this option sparingly as I try to avoid aspartame. They also make fat free and 1/2 fat varieties if you want to explore those options as well.

Last but certainly not least is Protein Fluff. I make this so often! You choose the protein powder so you can choose the flavor, how much protein, and what sweetener is used. I most often use Slap Nutrition which is sweetened with stevia. The only other ingredients are a banana, ice and xanthan gum. I bought a jar of xanthan gum for about $5 and it is lasting forever. Bananas are very inexpensive so this is another inexpensive option. The only downsides are that it takes time and effort (clean up) and you need a blender. Also, this is certainly not an ice cream substitute but it is voluminous, cold, and sweet!

When I want ice cream, my top choices are Enlightened and Halo Top. When I want cheap, I typically go with Protein Fluff. When I'm just feeling it, I go with Arctic Zero lol! When I'm craving ice cream but also on a budget - Edy's or Breyers. I hope this helps some of you to decide which option is right for you!

Have you tried any of these? Which is your favorite? I still need to try ProYo's new pints!

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