Monday, October 31, 2016

Booty Gains

Abs may come and go, but booty gains are forever. Well, not really, but it is more attainable and sustainable than a six pack of abs and it seems to be a big obsession in the fitness community right now. When I weighed less, I had a concave butt. It wasn't cute. I don't think people should strive to meet anyone's standards of beauty and fitness, but I personally wanted to make some gains! Also, strong legs and Glutes help with many activities in life in general.

Most people tend to be quad dominant so it's very easy to allow them to take over. My tips (note: I am not a professional anything, but these are tips I found helpful)
  • Mind muscle connection - focus on the squeezing the Glutes as you perform your exercises 
  • Proper form - proper form ensures you're recruiting the Glutes and prevents injury 
  • Do Glutes focused exercises regularly 
  • Eat to grow! 
Some of my personal favorite exercises:
  • Deadlifts! I feel the Glutes squeeze even more in deadlifts than I do win regular stance squats 
  • Squats, obviously 
  • Glute kickbacks - you can use Dumbbells in your leg crease, a machine at the gym, a cable machine, or ankle weights 
  • Bulgarian split squats - I either do these with added weight or make them plyo 
  • Glutes bridges - squeeze, baby, squeeze! 
  • Hip thrusters - awkward but effective, use weight and hold at the top for maximum burn 
Are you trying to build a booty or nah? What are some of your favorite exercises? Let me know!
Bulgarian Split Squats

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