Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bis and Tris Workout

You know how there's certain muscle groups you don't like working?

For me, it's triceps so I had been neglecting them! I've decided to start focusing on them to improve.
My workout split is Back/Shoulders/Abs, Glutes/Hamstrings, Triceps/Biceps/Abs, and Overall Legs. It's been working out pretty well so far! Here's what I did for tricep/bicep workout last week:

Band assisted pull ups, neutral grip 4x12
Band assisted pull ups, narrow grip 4x12
Band assisted pull ups, wide grip 4x12
Band assisted chin ups 4x12

Push ups 4x15 (narrow, wide, regular, diamond)

Tricep kickbacks 4x10 superset with
Bicep curls 4x10

Tricep Dips 4x10 superset with
Hammer curls 4x10

Skull crushers 4x10 superset with
Bicep curl burnout 4x20 lightweight

Tricep Dips amrap

Those tricep dips at the end were killer!

If you have any tips on working triceps or favorite exercises for them, let me know!

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