Thursday, September 1, 2016

Savi Crisp Protein Bar Review


The end.

Okay, I'll delve a little deeper. The Savi Crisp is a natural version of the Ooh Snap bar which is like a candy coated (bottom only) rice kripsy protein bar. So good. It's a light bar with no weird protein taste. It's perfect for topping oatmeal, protein fluff, or yogurt. The Savi Crisp version is gluten free with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. However, it does use a blend of soy and whey protein which may be a drawback for some who try to avoid soy. The protein blend also employs caesin and egg whites so you get a little of everything!

These bars have a great crunchy texture. I tried the salted caramel flavor and thoroughly enjoyed the sweet and salty flavor! I'd say give this bar a try for something a little different!

Macros: 150 calories 5f/18c/15p

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