Monday, September 12, 2016

Workout: Shoulders and Back!

I've recently decided to attempt to make my workouts more effective and focused so I'm focusing on specific muscle groups and using supersets to make this happen! Why? Because there is life and responsibilities apart from working out!

Now this particular workout actually still took me forever because my head was not focused and I was super tired so my breaks between sets were a bit too long lol! Let me know if you give it try or if you have any advice to make it a more effective workout!

Warm-up: Arm circles

  • 4x12 band assisted pull-ups superset with
  • 4x15 hanging leg raises
  • 2x30 prone lateral pull down superset with 
  • 2x30 single arm dumbbell rows (15 each side per set)
  • 4x10 lateral raises superset with 
  • 4x10 front raises
  • 4x15 upright rows superset with 
  • 4x15 dumbbell shoulder press
  • 4x15 bent over rows superset with 
  • 4x15 rear delt raise
  • 4x15 decline flys superset with 
  • 4x15 lightweight lateral raises
  • 4x15 dumbbell external rotation superset with 
  • 4x15 lightweight rear delt raise
Phew! Are your arms burning?? I really love working shoulders!

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