Thursday, June 16, 2016

China Grove 5K 2016

5k, 5k, What can I say? I find them to be so fun! I've talked about running longer races and even training for a half marathon, but for now, 5k is my distance!

Photo by Aaron Cress

The China Grove 5k is one of my favorites! I've done it three years now and I enjoy it every time. First of all, its very close to home for me! The community and camraderie is great with a nice mix of competitive runners and recreational runners and walkers. It'a a night run with a straight flat course down Main Street. And last but not least, the post run spread is unmatched with any other 5k race I've done. They serve up Krispy Kreme donuts, Pizza Hut pizza, along with fresh watermelon, orange slices, bananas, drinks, and more. The prizes are great too!

The first year I ran the China Grove 5k, I was just starting out running and I didn't place. I didn't even think I could ever place in a run. Since then, I've greatly improved on pace despite several hiatuses. The second year I ran it, I placed third in my age division receiving a medal and a $5 Dick's sporting goods gift certificate.

I was very nervous about how I would do this year because I'm rehabilitating a broken foot! This race was my first real run since I broke my foot (I had been doing stationary bicycling for cross training in the meantime). I surprised myself with a pace of 7:10. There weren't many people in my division, so I ended up getting first which earned me a $20 Dick's gift certificate!

Finisher's Certificate

In many cases, I really believe that running is mind over matter. Never give up. Give it your all, and you might surprise yourself. Also, crosstrain like nobody's business! If you live nearby, I definitely recommend looking into signing up for the China Grove 5k next summer. 

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