Monday, June 27, 2016

Runner's Injury and Recovery plus the importance of shoes!

I broke my foot about two months ago - the second metatarsal. This is a common injury for runners but it is so frustrating! If you have a regular workout program or running schedule that you enjoy, I'm sure you can relate to the frustration when you can't follow that schedule.

Well, when you're injured, it's a bit of an interruption. I was in a boot for 4 weeks and then set free with no physical therapy or advice except for not to do things that cause sharp pain. Obviously, I started running again about a week later, however, I was now experiencing pain in my heel and the side of my foot! I was running so wrong!

Finally, I went to a running shoe store and sought out some advice. I have the Brooks pure flow from about three years ago so I was in need of new shoes anyway. After an analysis, they determined I'm a pronator and I need a shoe with more stability and they recommended an insole. This will cushion my sole and support the bone structure. Having the right shoes is so important and can even help prevent injury!

In the meantime, I guess I will stick to the stationary bike for cross training cardio. I tried the elliptical but I really didn't like it (watching the clock the whole time lol!).

If anyone has a shoe recommendation, let me know! I'm considering the Brooks Ravenna, Brooks ghost (neutral shoe but with more support than the flow), or the Mizuno wave inspire!

How do you deal with setbacks and injuries?


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