Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hiking: Graveyard Fields

A-hiking we will go, a-hiking we will go, hi ho hi ho, a-hiking we will go!

Back at it again, my mom and I took to the mountains for a quick hike! The Graveyard Fields/Graveyard Falls trail has been on our list to hike for a while now. The hike is right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile marker 418.8. There's a large overlook area with a restroom facility and a map of the trail so it's easy to find and not too far from Asheville!

When we arrived it was misting rain and looked cloudy but as we started, the sun came out and it was beautiful! We started out going down a stone staircase near the bathrooms. It's just a very short bit until we arrived at a bridge/platform for viewing the lower falls. If you turn right after the bridge, there is a swimming area from what I understand, however we went straight/left/up to continue on to the Upper Falls. The trail weaves through blueberry bushes! Many people were picking them and taking them home! It also has wooden planks for much of the trail which is kind of interesting.

Lower Falls

The trail was soooo muddy! There were a lot of places where we had to take short little side routes off the main trail to avoid giant mud pits. It seems that it may often be this way becaue the little side routes were well worn and easy to navigate back to the main path. The trail does twist and turn a lot, though, so at times we were afraid we were getting lost! Follow signage for the Upper Falls whenever you see it.

Upper Falls
After about 1.5 miles maybe, it's noticably steeper as you approach the Upper Falls. It really isn't a long hike but it took us a bit longer to navigate the mud. We enjoyed the beautiful falls and had a snack on a big rock, then continued back. You will backtrack for a short while, and then come to an intersection where you bear right to loop back to the parking area. On the way back, you cross a rather nice and new bridge with great views! You finish at the other side of the parking area.
View from the Bridge

Overall, we really enjoyed this hike! I always love waterfalls! It's pretty easy and level with the exception of the end near the Upper Falls and I love that it's close by to Asheville. Give this hike a try!

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