Monday, August 8, 2016

Slap Nutrition Review and 90 Days Challenge

Why am I just now reviewing Slap Nutrition?!

As an active person trying to gain muscle mass, it's very important for me to get good nutrition and protein. So, I often use supplements to my diet to make sure these needs are met. I've tried various protein powders but I really enjoy Slap Nutrition.

Other protein powders usually have one or more of the following issues: a) taste gross b) made of weird chemical and artificial things c) cause gas. Slap nutrition, however, uses "clean" simple ingredients. They are sweetened with stevia and contain 100% micro filtered whey protein isolate. All the flavors are very delicious, in my opinion, although not overly sweet.

I've successfully used the protein powder in protein fluff, smoothies, protein cheesecake, protein cake, pancakes, oatmeal and simply with cashew milk or almond milk.

My top three flavors are probably Slappy Birthday, Cinnamon Swirl and Peanut butter, although I've yet to try the latest flavor: Mint Chocolate!

Cinnamon Swirl Protein, Slappucinno (Coffee) Pre-Workout, Gifted Womens, Multivitamin, and Salted Caramel BCAAS 
 Next up, BCAAS! Admittedly, the Slap Nutrition Salted Caramel BCAAs are the only BCAAs I've ever used. If you're not familiar with BCAAS, it stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids. These amino acids make up about one third of muscle protein. Taking a BCAA supplement can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, speed up recovery and help the body absorb protein. The Salted Caramel BCAA supplement does all this whilst tasting super delicious. I add it to my smoothies or fluff or drink it with my preworkout or simply with water during or after a workout. Another fun way I've incorporated it is blending it with ice and Walden farms carmel syrup! It's like a zero calorie frosty with beneficial amino acids!

Salted Caramel BCAAs blended with ice and sugar free caramel syrup

 Pre-Workout! I was a bit afraid to try a preworkout because I've read some bad reviews on causing heart palpitations, jittery feelings and just basically making you feel like you're going to die. I knew, though, that probably the safest preworkout to try would be from Slap Nutrition because I trust this company and the quality ingredients they choose. Also, their pre workout supplements have less caffeine than many other brands.

I first tried the fairly new Margarita flavor! It's very tasty and while I can't say that it made miracles happen in the gym, I did feel a sensation in my muscles and was focused and driven. I also tried this blended with ice and Walden Farms strawberry syrup and basically, a margarita slushie was born.

Try adding real strawberries too!

 The next preworkout I tried was Slappuccinno V2 and wow! It has a delicious coffee flavor and goes perfectly with the salted caramel BCAAs.

PWO, BCAAs, ice, WF caramel syrup, coffee grounds - blend and enjoy!
There are still many Slap Nutrition products I've yet to try but it's definitely a company I trust. Also, the president is very down to earth, gives great customer service, and is generous. He often gives sample packs of protein free with your order! The orders are shipped out so fast, it's unbelievable! The great customer service is a huge reason why I choose Slap! There are many sponsored athletes and affiliates who offer discount codes so look for that when you make an order!

Do you use supplements? What's your favorite?

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