Monday, December 19, 2016

Hashtag goals?

I've participated in the Slap Nutrition "challenges" in the past and I'm doing so again (also simultaneously doing a challenge from Liz McElaney (@corebyliz on Instagram, website: So I thought I'd do a little update as to where I am right now!

The Slap Nutrition challenge is called #slap90days3 as it is a 90 day challenge which I like because change takes time! Many challenges are much shorter in length but this length helps me to stay focused on my goals for a long period, making them established behaviors and habits,etc.

My goals:

1. Adjust Macros

I have been researching a bit through different resources and found that more protein is not always a good thing. I was eating well over 1g per pound of body weight which is simply unnecessary and also meant relying on supplements quite a bit. I am always wary to change macros because I'm nervous how my body will respond. I increased my fats, lowered my protein, and kept carbohydrates about the same and I'm feeling great! No excessive fat gains or anything scary! Plus, I eat more avocado and nut butters!

2. More Whole Foods, Less Supplements

When I say whole foods, I mean less artificial, prepackaged, etc, not the overpriced health food store. LOL. I can't say I've been very great at achieving this so far because I still utilize protein powder about once a day, however, I am probably consuming less protein bars (which have way more ingredients and artificial junk than Slap Nutrition protein powder. It has a short, simple ingredient list. I will continue to try to rely less on supplements but when I do use them, I'm conscious of the ingredients and quality!

3. Enjoy the Little Things

The point of this goal was for mental health. Many in the "fitness world" are constantly obsessing over macros, workouts or missing workouts. I have fallen into this trap, not because I'm a competitor or an athlete, but because I have an obsessive personality and have exposed myself to many fitness people on social media platforms. This is another goal that I need to continue to work on. I have loosened up very slightly on my macros but definitely need to continue to work on this. I think one thing that will help me to improve is to spend less time on social media and more time enjoying life - sunsets, puppies, friends, music! Life is meant to be enjoyed!

4. Wean the Caffeine 

This is one that I'm actually very proud of! I'm ashamed to admit that I was drinking 2-3 energy drinks along with 1-2 diet sodas per day! That is absolutely absurd and unhealthy, not only from the ridiculous amounts of caffeine but also from the artificial sweeteners. Since then, I now drink maybe a cup of coffee in the morning, maybe not and Slap Nutrition pre-workout on days I'm strength training. Slap Nutrition PWO has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee so it's not too crazy! As a result, I'm drinking more water and saving money!

5.Gains Train

I want to build muscle and that involves gaining weight for me. Yet another area that I need to continue to work on. I have some ideas on how I can work on this (higher weights, lower reps, reduce cardio/increase calories) however, it won't be mentally easy. Change isn't always easy so I'm glad to have this challenge to push me and give me accountability.

6. Save Money for a Certification

So, I have been saving money but I have a lot in my personal life up in the air right now so I have no definite plans but time will tell!

Many people set goals for the New Year but I think it's good to assess and re-evaluate constantly! What do you think? Are you currently working on goals or waiting until the New Year? Any ideas what your goals will be?

Check out Slap Nutrition at and @slapnutrition on instagram! I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just love them!

November 1. Time for new goals and going out on limbs. I've been mulling over several changes but too lame to commit. Now is the time and #slap90days3 goes perfectly with that. Goals: 1. Adjust macros πŸ‘‰less protein. My muscles won't fall off in one day anyway so idk why this feels so risky. Oh yeah, because the internet is full of crap. 2. More whole foods, use supplements to supplement my diet. 3. Enjoy the little things. A sunrise. A sunset. Spending time with family and friends actually enjoying the moment versus thinking about my next workout or run or my macros etc etc. 4. Wean the caffeine. I'm actually embarrassed by how much caffeine and sucralose junk I'm putting into my body. 5. Gains train πŸš‚ all aboard! I want to continue gaining and hopefully set some PRs. This may involve a restructuring of my workout program as well 😬 6. Save money to do a certification program. I may not save enough in 90 days lol but I can work towards it. 
Change can be scary. Change can be really freaking frightening, yet most of us say we want change. "I want to be stronger, leaner, happier, etc." Something has to change for something to change. #slapnutrition

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