Sunday, January 8, 2017

Feeling Foxy! Foxy Athletics Leggings

Fit Girl Problems Number 1: Addiction to buying workout clothes.

Who's with me? Seriously, though, every time I go shopping, I'm checking the athletic section. Online, I'm always looking for sales on leggings and sports bras. It's a real problem. However, I don't just want an abundance. I want quality! 

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I had seen Foxy Athletics workout gear on Instagram and obtained a coupon code so I decided to give it a go. I went with the Carla Tights in Jet Black.

They're high waisted and feature a side pocket specifically designed for your phone! They also have flat seams, sweat wicking fabric, four way stretch, and soft fabric. 

They basically say these leggings are good for anything and everything!

My leggings came in very quickly! You've gotta love fast (and free!) shipping! I tried them on that day!

I was very impressed with how comfortable they are. I have other high waisted leggings that I love but are not nearly as comfortable.

Then, a few days later, I did a typical workout in them. The phone pocket is very secure and they were comfortable throughout my workout. However, I wasn't convinced to wear them running because I always think running in high waisted leggings would feel weird. However, about a week later, my favorite running tights were dirty and it was frigid outside. I slid on my foxy leggings over the top of a pair of fleece lined leggings from Walmart and went for a run! They were comfortable even for running. My legs were plenty warm with the dual layers but still moved easily. My pace was a bit slower but I attribute that to the snow and ice on the ground. It was my first time running in the snow!

Overall, I really love these leggings and would definitely purchase from them again. I experienced good customer service, quality, comfortable leggings that deliver on their promises and are squat approved!

What are your favorite leggings? I'm always in the market lol!
Trying to flex in my new leggings!

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