Thursday, January 12, 2017

Product Review: New Pop Skinless Popcorn

Skinless popcorn? What?

As a popcorn lover and self-proclaimed aficionado, I love to try all sorts of popcorn! I had never heard of skinless popcorn until now!

New Pop has a revolutionary process where they remove the skin and then pop the kernel, so you will never get that kernel "skin" stuck in your teeth! They pop the kernel under high pressure with no butter, oil or salt. They then add raw, organic cane sugar and natural flavors for the different flavors they offer: original, hot and sweet, and sweet cinnamon! They are also certified NON-GMO, vegan, and gluten free. So it seems like a pretty good snack choice!

How does it taste? So far, I've only tried the Sweet Cinnamon flavor. The flavor is on point! It's moderately sweet (not too sweet, not too bland) with a dash of cinnamon spice. The really interesting part is the texture. I likened the texture and appearance to packing peanuts (kind of styrofoamy?). That being said, it wasn't displeasing to me. It was actually strangely addicting! I think the texture could take some getting used to and is not your typical popcorn texture.

By the time I finished the bag, I loved it! lol! I'm intrigued to try the hot and sweet flavor which has red chili peppers and raw, organic sugarcane. I'm also curious to see if the original flavor is bland or sweetened enough! I look forward to trying these flavors and will keep you posted!

UPDATE: I've now tried all three flavors and love them all! The original flavor is sweet and addictive, just minus the cinnamon. I was a bit hesitant to try the hot and sweet flavor but I think they did a good job with it! The hot spicy part is not overwhelming. It gives a nice litte kick to the sweet delicious snack!

Have you tried New Pop? You can check it out at What's your favorite popcorn?

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