Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hump Day with a Broken Foot

So I broke my foot a few weeks back without even realizing it. I thought it was just sprained so I kept running and using it like normal. Finally, I realized I needed to go to the doctor. A few X-rays later (seriously, I probably have superpowers now due to all my radiation exposure) and here we have a broken foot.

I've had to do some adjusting to my workout routine, obviously. Lifting and running are off the table for the time being, so I've been using the stationary bike for cardio - can you say sweat factory??

But what do I do for hump day? Pilates style moves are getting me through. I've been experimenting around and here's what today's workout consisted of:

3 x 8 each leg banded kickbacks

Circuit 1:

15 standing kickbacks
15 standing donkey kicks
15 single leg DB deadlifts

Circuit 2:
15 each leg split lunges
15 squats
15 weighted hip thrusts
15 leg curls (lying on stomach)

Circuit 3:
15 bridges
15 single leg bridges each leg

Circuit 4:
15 leg sweeps each leg
15 donkey kicks on ground each leg
15 each side lying clam raises (I used a band)
15 each leg straight leg hydrant pulses

I did each circuit 3 times and finished up with 10 minutes of abs.

I really try to focus on squeezing the muscle groups and maintaining my form especially since I'm using such low weight.

Happy hump day! Remember, mind over matter.

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