Friday, May 20, 2016

Working On My Fitness: Shoulders and lats and biceps oh my!

Working on my Fitness 

I have really been loving working upper body lately especially since, hey! I broke my foot. Yeah. I break bones like a player breaks hearts. Take care of yourself people! So I've had to put squats and deadlifts on hold while I modify with more Pilates style booty workouts and things that don't put pressure on my foot. I've also kept up with my upper body routine. I felt great after my at home upper body workout today so I thought I would share it. I'm open to suggestions and advice! 

I started with 
4x12 pull ups with an assistant band 
Superset with 
4x15 hanging leg curls 
4x10 push ups 

Then a series of small circuits: 

Circuit 1: 4 rounds 
Db shoulder raise x 15 
Lateral side raise x 15
Front raise x 15
Hammer curl x 15

Circuit 2: 4 rounds 
Bent over DB rows x 15
Rear delt raise x 15
Single arm row x 15 

Circuit 3: 4 rounds 
Prone Lat sliding pulls with DB 
Prone Lat sliding pulls no weight (squeeze your back) 
Decline bench flys 
Decline bench DB chest press 

And finished off with a set of 10 push ups because I like to make sure my arms don't work anymore. 

If you're using lightweights like me (5lb for most) focus on your form to really get the most out of your workout. 

With bent over rows, squeeze your lats so you don't just use your bicep to pull them up. Think of bringing your shoulder blades together and slowly bring the weights back down. 

With any type of raise, you will feel it more if you go slow; don't just crash your arms down, don't arch your back or strain your neck. Stay safe friends!

Do you have any tips or workouts you like to do at home? Let me know! šŸ˜Š

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