Monday, July 4, 2016

Product Review: Raw Rev Glo Bars - Cookie Dough and Dark Chocolate Espresso

Raw. Rev. Glo. 

What does it mean? 

Raw - Raw and wholesome ingredients 
Rev- Revolutionary!
Glo-Full of omega rich superfoods that keep you GLOing!

So here's the low down on the new Raw Rev Glo bars. They're "high" protein and fiber, low sugar, and organic. They contain sprouted superfoods in every bite. They're vegan, kosher, and non GMO.

Wow, that's a lot of "health" claims. So the important question is: How do they taste?!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

The first one I tried was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, naturally. I apologize for the poor picture quality but hopefully you can tell how freakin' amazing that melty chocolate was. The chocolate chips were a bit melted due to the lack of A/C in my house and the hot summer weather. However, I think this really added. The chocolate chips were very good - I would never have guessed they were vegan. The bar itself is tiny but dense. It was soft and chewy with a bit of an oily coating. I have a feeling they don't travel that well but it was delicious! As a plant based protein bar, it has lower protein than a whey based protein bar but still decent macros.

CCCD Macros: 180 calories 10f/21c/10p

Dark Chocolate Espresso atop a pint of Cappuccino Arctic Zero and smothered with love, I mean Mocha Epic Spreads.

The second flavor I tried was the Dark Chocoalte Espresso. This flavor also had amazing chocolate chips and actual espresso beans. MUST LOVE ESPRESSO. The espresso flavor is very prominent. Thankfully, I love both espresso and dark chocolate so this bar was a win for me. Simlar to the CCCD, this bar was also very small, had an oily coating and a soft, dense, chewy texture. It also had similar macros.

DCE Macros: 180 calories 10f/21c/10p

Another positive note about these bars is that they're priced very reasonably in comparison to other vegan, organic brands and products. I give them 8/10! I still have to try the peanut butter flavors! Yum!

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