Monday, November 28, 2016

Quinn Snacks - Popcorn!

What's poppin'?

My close friends and family know that I LOVE popcorn!

Despite a bad rap for being an unhealthy snack, popcorn can actually be a pretty good snack choice. It's a whole grain, high in fiber and antioxidants. It has protein and iron and is low in calories.

Quinn Snacks makes a variety of neat flavors of popcorn and they use pure, simple ingredients, non GMO and even tell you where it was farmed!

So far, I've had the pleasure of trying the Super Kale popcorn. It's made with organic dried kale and little carrot too! It's very green in appearance, but don't let that scare you.

I really enjoyed it. It's a nice savory flavor without being overly spicy or salty. It does taste "green" if that makes any sense. You definitely get a kale vibe without it being overwhelming or bitter. Plus, you just feel healthy for eating it! XD At 43 calories per cup, using simple ingredients, this makes for a great snack in my books!

I'm excited to try some more of their popcorn varieties. They also have organic coconut oil, sea salt, white cheddar, and California olive oil in their line of pre-popped popcorn. They also have microwave popcorn in sea salt, parmesan and rosemary, white cheddar, Vermont maple kettle corn, and real butter and sea salt. 

What's your favorite snack or what is your favorite way to eat popcorn? The varieties and toppings are endless!

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