Monday, November 21, 2016

SourceWell Nutrition Protein Bars

The market for protein bars is simply incredible. I can not keep up with all the new brands, flavors, etc. However, I do love trying new ones often!

I was very excited to try Sourcewell Nutrition protein bars because I've heard good things about them. They state that the whey they use is sourced from grass fed cows. Whey protein from grass fed cows provides beneficial bacteria and broader nutritional benefits versus a grain fed cow. Sourcewell is conscious of the source of protein and ingredients so they use high quality, fresh ingredients. Sounds good so far!

I was able to try the two current flavors of their original bars - Birthday Cake and Cookies and Cream. They are coming out with a Snickerdoodle flavor original bar and Chunky Peanut Butter and Cookie Dough Nature Bars. Those sound great too!

Birthday Cake: 200cal 6f/27c/20p

 This bar looked very unappealing and slightly smushed but I had a positive attitude and was not disappointed. The flavor was very good, no lemony tang or weird aftertaste just sweet cake flavor. It was also studded with whey crisps which lends to an interesting and appealing texture. Aside from the crisps, the bar was chewy in a taffy-like way but didn't break my jaw. I think I would like to try baking it!

Birthday Cake Bar cut up for Protein Fluff topping
Cookies and Cream: 200cal 6f/27c/20p

Sadly, I ate this one in a dark car so I don't have any pictures, but it was rather smushed too. Again, it had a great cookies and cream flavor that really tasted like pieces of oreo-type cookies! It also had the chewy/crunchy texture with the whey crisps. They mention in the description that it tastes like dessert when microwaved or baked so I definitely need to try that next time. 

Overall, I thought these bars were pretty good. I really like the fact that they identify the source of protein and use high quality ingredients. They are non GMO and high in fiber. I think baking them would really make them better because, though the texture was interesting, it was not the greatest. If you want to give them a try you can order from and use code healthyhappyfree for free shipping!

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